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Path aka Jeppo is a dj and producer who has a remarkable and very wide musical background. He began to study musical instruments such as piano and violin since he was only 6 years old, for more ten years. Learnings that make it a composer in the most complete sense of the term, capable of making melodies and musical arrangements. Path immediately developed a strong interest in innovative and sofisticated sounds, and he deepened the study of the structural characteristics of the house and techno genres that, at the beginning of the ’90s, are clearly opposed, while today they mutually contaminate each other.

At the age of 14 he approaches the club scene, discovering house & techno music. A few years later, in 1996, the first performance played house music on vinyl in some clubs near Milan, in his city, and choosing the name Jeppo, and then began to link his dj name to the most successful clubs and parties of that period in his city, he subsequently began to tie his dj name to the clubs and to the most successful parties of that era in the region where he lives, to then grow up and be able to work in the major Italian clubs.

In the 90s he mainly played house from USA / UK, while starting from the early 2000s the music he proposes began to change, taking more and more connotations of electronic derivation: since 2004 he is resident in the events of the Pervert group in Milan, and since 2009 he begins his collaboration with another of the most important European Clubs: Amnesia Milano, and his DJ sets anticipate great artists of world renown. From 2012 starts the project dj / producer by the name Path, with some releases on the label Pild and Basswalk, but its main vocation remains to be a DJ.

Since 2015, Path has also become a resident of the TOOLONG brand events, which is still one of the most famous after-hours and followed by the general public in Italy.




05-01-2015 Colazione da Tiffany @ Amnesia Milano

Pubblicato da Ilary Daniblack su martedì 6 gennaio 2015

TOO LONG di questa mattina ? 10 con lode.🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻Ivan Bruce Inchingolo Maurizio Cisternino Juri Capelli Noemi La Bianca Diana Ilary Daniblack Yacopo Mariani Mattia Presta

Pubblicato da Jeppo Path su domenica 18 febbraio 2018

H10.30 : Path – Amnesia Milano …Anche questo 2016 è iniziato nella maniera migliore.Felicissimo ma ancor più onorato di aver partecipato a questo Party.Amnesia Milano è sempre una grande emozione. Grazie a tutti

Pubblicato da Jeppo Path su venerdì 1 gennaio 2016




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